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We believe every artist sounds unique, and the mastering process should accurately resonate it into their project. Before we start to work on it, we get to know about your music, goals, and expectations.


This is Drift Mastering.

For example, if your project is meant to be intimate, then it could sound warm, silky, natural. If it's intended to be grand, then we better make it full, brilliant, airy.


All of these adjectives sound subjective, huh? They can be translated into frequencies in the sonic spectrum, though. You tell us what you think and feel, we give it back to you in an objective, but also sensible, manner.

See how it works.

We listen very carefully to your project while reading your bio. We analyze what could be enhanced and what might be more discreet. If there is anything to be fixed, then we'll let you know before proceeding to the next step.

It's time to crank up and down, bounce your master and send it over to you along with an assessment.

Skip this step if you're getting your first Drift Master, which is free of charge. Learn more.

How do you like it? Provide us with your feedback. It's okay if this process takes as many rounds as needed to get to the ultimate Drift Master and make your music definitely sound your way.

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When you reach out to us for the first time, we will be glad to offer a master with no charge to you. No tricks, no commitment, no nothing. 

Why? Well, we are musicians, too. We know how hard it is to get
there. So this is our way to help your career path, and ours, too, as we
seek partners in art, helping each other, growing together.


We'll be investing all of our resources to provide you with a great
and valuable service. Because we trust this process, we know that, if you like our service like we enjoy doing what we do, you'll come back, and hopefully a long-lasting partnership will get started.

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Ricardo Kato, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter