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Who we are

We are a family in love with music.

I'm Ricardo Kato. I've been a musician for +30 years, now dedicated to mastering and mixing. Love to create new stuff, to transform raw material and make things shine, in collaboration.


I really go deep into the things that I do. When I was a child, I would

would break toys just to find out what was inside them and get to know how things work!

​I'm passionate about progressive rock, 1970s and 1980s music, and more recently I've been exploring indie artists, textures and instrument choices of which reveal a true and honest seek for musical experimentation and expansion, like all of my heroes.

I'm a proud member of the Mastering Accelerator and The Reverse Engineer communities.

My wife, Karen Rosa, manages the business and Malu's playlists. She is the most eclectic of the family and never tires of bringing new influences to the other two.

Malu is crazy about music, drawing, chocolate and Pokémon. She will never give her mother peace and never, ever, let her father break her toys.

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